Cervejaria Ramiro, Lisbon

When in Lisbon you have to eat 3 things: Egg tarts, meat sandwich, and seafood. At Cervejaria Ramiro, you can get some of the best seafood and prego (steak sandwich). It’s a popular restaurant, so expect to come here with a lot of cash if you want to pig out on all the seafood they had to […]

Hanaya Japanese Restaurant, Surrey

Last week my parents took me to a new Japanese restaurant they wanted to try in South Surrey. Hanaya Japanese Restaurant is on the busy 152 street, but kind of hidden. When we first walked in, we were surprised by the pretty and cozy decore. For appetizers, we ordered one avocado and orange salad to share. The […]

Pastéis de Belém, Lisbon

When I was planning my south west Europe trip, I wanted to visit Lisbon because I wanted to get the original Portuguese egg tarts (no joke). It took some convincing to my friends to make a stop at Lisbon just for egg tarts, and luckily they said yes. The origin of egg tarts is at Pastéis […]

Pea and Mint Soup

I’ve had some frozen peas in the freezer for a while, so I thought I’d use it and cook for a friend. Jamie Oliver has a couple of recipes that use Peas and Mint together in his Food Revolution cook book, so I thought I’d give it a try. This is the recipe for Pea […]

Lemon Fennel Slaw

I want to try preparing dishes with ingredients that I hardly use. Fennel is one of them, and Michael Smith’s Chef at Home cook book has a really simple recipe called Lemon Fennel Slaw.

Salamanca, Barcelona

Salamanca was on La Barceloneta strip with a large patio seating area.  Even though I planned to come here since the first day, we never made it here until our last day. La Barceloneta was kind of out of the way of the things we wanted to do in Barcelona, so I was ok with […]

Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce Pasta

I might as well use the rest of my peas and bacon, so I gave Jamie Oliver’s Pasta with Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce recipe from his Food Revolution book a try.

Southwestern Sweet Potato Soup

When looking through my cookbooks, I try to find stuff that is simple, and stuff that I have some ingredients for so I don’t have to spend so much, and also get rid of anything that may go bad in the fridge. I was planning to make a paleo soup for my friend with sweet […]

Cacao Sampaka, Barcelona

Cacao Sampaka was the second place we had chocolate and churros in Barcelona. The look and feel was not at all like La Pallaresa, it was more modern, and a lot fancier. Here I ordered the Spanish chocolate. In came in a tall cup. The chocolate here was a lot finer and smoother. It was […]

Ramen-Ya Hiro, Barcelona

It was raining all day in Barcelona, and we were craving soupy things. So we decided to visit Ramen-Ya Hiro for lunch. Opening at 1pm daily, we were already in a line up about 10 minutes before 1pm. Seating is quite limited here, I think this line of people up filled up the first tables of […]

La Pallaresa, Barcelona

Our first chocolate and churros shop in Barcelona was La Pallaresa in the Gothic district. The restaurant has a really convenient location, just 2 minutes off La Rambla street, and since it’s in the Gothic, it’s a perfect stop to refuel after shopping in area. I ordered a Spanish chocolate, which was not super sweet […]

Asian Cucumber Mint Salad

I wanted to make Michael Smith’s Asian Cucumber Salad from his Best of Chef at Home because it was simple and I only needed to buy a few extra ingredients.