Pho Sunshine, Surrey

After making a cross border trip, I was starving for dinner, and decided to try out a Vietnamese restaurant in South Surrey on the way home. Pho Sunshine is located in the Safeway plaza by King George and 24th. It’s a pretty small restaurant, but there were lots of items on the menu. The house […]

Zen Frozen Yogurt & Coffee, Surrey

I went to Zen Frozen Yogurt & Coffee one evening because a friend of mine discovered that they have the Disneyland like Dole Whip drink. The shop is like Menchies or Qoola with self served frozen yogurt dispensers, the dole whip drink isn’t on the menu so you would need to ask for it. The dole whip […]

Manis Pan-Asian Eatery, Surrey

I love Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine. I love roti canai, and laksa, and all the south east asian fried noodles. So I was pretty excited about eating at Manis Pan-Asian Eatery, a Malaysian restaurant in Surrey. I was here with a group a friends, and we share a couple orders of the roti canai. One came with […]

Breka Bakery & Cafe, Vancouver

A few weeks ago, I was craving chocolate cakes. It was late, and I was glad to find Breka Bakery & Cafe, they open 24/7! The small bakery had a huge selection of cakes and pastries. I couldn’t help but order more than what I craved for. One of the random things I ordered was the bocconcini […]

Kami Japanese Restaurant, Surrey

A couple weeks ago, after a hike, my sister and I decided to get lunch at Kami Japanese Restaurant in Surrey’s Strawberry Hill complex. We’ve been to their south surrey location once, so I pretty much know what to expect. Originally we were going to order a few things to share, but the lunch specials looked […]

Soft Peaks Ice Cream, Vancouver

There has been a hype over the new Soft Peaks Ice Cream shop in Gastown lately. I was lucky to be invited by them to try out any of the 2 flavours on the menu. I visited on a weekday just after lunch time, and there was still a small line up to get these soft […]

104 Sushi & Co, Surrey

I was looking for places to eat in my new neighbourhood. I have lived here for about 4-5 months, but I have yet to try  anything close by. Honestly there isn’t that much to choose from. I was craving sushi, and I found one called 104 Sushi & Co. just 3 minutes away.

Szechuan Zeng’s Restaurant, Surrey

Chinese new year eve my siblings and I planned to go Lee Yuen Seafood Restaurant for dinner, but unfortunately there was no table for us there. Our backup plan was the Chinese restaurant in Surrey central by Pho Tam, I didn’t really pay attention to the restaurant sign outside, and it wasn’t until I sat down and […]

Icy Bar, Vancouver

I had a craving for Chinese desserts, thanks to the people I follow on Instagram. The Icy Bar in Vancouver, border Burnaby is a busy little dessert shop that has a lot of tofu, tapioca, and shaved ice selections. I got the a warm house special tofu dessert (can be ordered cold), which came with 5 toppings […]

The Grill Room, Whistler

For each annual Whistler trip, we usually try to have one super fancy meal, and this year we chose the Grill Room at the Fairmont. It’s a really nice steak house that serves steak, seafood and sides family style. They served us bread and house churned butter. I liked the rosemary flat bread.   They […]

Shady Tree Pub, Squamish

On our last annual Whistler trip we were told about awesome wings in Squamish that were world famous. We made sure we visited it this time on our way up to Whistler. There’s a big sign on the building that says World Famous. They don’t have a huge amount of flavours, which is usually a […]

Jerusalem Grill

I saw Jerusalem Grill when I was having a meal at Full Ramen probably a year ago. I can’t believe it took me a while to actually go and try their food. I’ve heard good things about them. This time, we were a bit lazy to go out, so we ordered take out. I’m sure the […]